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Hello fellow Members.

As your new MBCA Regional Director for the South West Region I would like to introduce myself. My name is Bud Cloninger. I have served as a section board member, Publicity Director, Vice President and Section President for six years. I understand the challenges faced by sections and their board of directors in keeping up with the demands of the membership. We are all doing this without pay, and doing this out of the love of our automobiles. I understand this, and want to help as your Regional Director.

Per MBCA By-laws this is my job description:

Section 8. Regional Director: The members of each Region shall elect a Regional Director to represent them on the National Board. Each Regional Director shall be a member of the National Board. Regional Directors shall promote membership growth and the formation of new Sections within their Regions and shall promote and coordinate combined Regional Events whenever possible. The Regional Directors shall have the power to appoint Committees within their Regions to assist in the performance of their duties. The Regional Director and the Presidents of all the Sections within a Region shall constitute the Executive Committee of the Region. No Regional Director shall be a Section Officer but may be a Section Director.

What this means is that I am to help you in furthering the goals of our National organization, and to enhance the memberships enjoyment of the club. And In the words of Steve Ross our outgoing Director and now Vice President “If your not having fun, your not doing it right” I am looking forward to meeting with all the Southwest regions sections in the next year and helping you in any way I can. My door is always open; so feel free to contact me at any time.

Bud Cloninger | 602-326-6210 or [email protected]