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Greetings to all our dedicated and loyal Board Members, Members at Large and all interested parties.

This year of 2023 will be a great year under our new board of Directors and all the wonderful volunteers of our Section.

This year will be a rebuilding year for the Section. We have nearly an entire new board of Directors, and quite a few Members that want to contribute to the success of the club.

This is my third year as President and unfortunately the Pandemic squelched a lot of our planned activities. The Pandemic is over and WE as a group of dedicated enthusiasts to the Marque are going to have a fun filled year.

Desert Star in Phoenix (I am a former member of that Section) really wants us to have a few combined events this year. We are planning several events right now. The Havasupai rally even will be in the last week of September or the first week of October. This event begins in Tucson and has been a very successful event in the past. Stay tuned for more details.

Other combined events in the planning stage are a trip to Prescott and a trip to Mt. Lemmon.

WE are going to have a great year full of events and social gatherings. The Southwest Region has a new and very competent Regional Director. His name is Ron Borino, and he recently attended our Franklin Auto Museum tour and our Board Meeting that was held on March 25th. Ron belongs to the Desert Stars Section.

Another event that we are planning to held quarterly is a dinner which is name Star Night. It will be limited to ten couples, and we will all meet for a casual dinner for getting acquainted and camaraderie.

I, along with the Board, are hopeful you will place your trust in us and allow us to again grow the Section. I will sincerely appreciate any member that wants to volunteer to help plan a dinner event, or help with the newsletters, Public Relations, or any area where you can contribute, please contact me.


Michael Welton, Section President



Michael Welton, Chaparral Section